Angel Playing Lute / Stars

The famous Angel Playing Lute 
or Musical Angel 

by Russo Fiorentino (1520)
is available now as a unique reproduction by Jack Anglin, finished with a longer neck on the lute, a completed base, and presented as here with a background made from a NASA image of the Pleiades.

designed for custom framing
or using an off-the-shelf 24X18 frame,

this giclée is 21X12 inches
and is recommended to be framed
out to 28x18

and can be cropped off the left
to fit a 24X18 frame

$50 including shipping
These are printed on demand, and shipped directly to you.

They are NOT signed or numbered.

Framing is NOT included 
or available through this site

Above is an example of how this print could be framed. Framing is NOT included.