Greetings! I hope this message finds you happy and well!

Below you'll find a number of paintings for sale.  Please take a look and forward this page to anyone you think might be interested.  Here's the link: 

I'm back on the mainland, settling nicely into The Triangle in North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) after an interesting sojourn on St. Croix, in West Virginia, and time house-sitting in this area. I have a very wonderful new woman in my life, one who is an amazing match, and me for her, too. Life is very good! I'm making new art and I look forward to the fall and winter in North Carolina. Of course, I'm dancing!

I'm happy to share with you a few images of paintings I have for sale that I believe patrons and friends might enjoy. I think these are pretty good deals, and they are priced to sell, as I'm trying to share and get more of my work into the hands of my fantastic supporters. Below are paintings that I made in pastel or oil and that have a religious content or subject. I enjoyed making these and had them hanging in my homes and offices, but are works I hope you might now find interesting and inspiring, and want to buy!  

First come, first serve! MORE below,.... -Jack

It's fun to be making new art, I'll show more pieces for sale and my recent works in my next email update.

Of course I would be very happy to take on a new commission for a painting, big or small, and working within your budget, create a custom piece for you, but these works to the right and below are ready to go, priced to sell, and can be shipped, or I might be able to deliver in eastern North Carolina or meet you somewhere near the Triangle.

Knowing that you have one of my paintings hanging in your home or office, used as a gift, or purchased on behalf of your churches would be very sweet news.

I often seem to have a spiritual content and aspect in my artwork and I think I will continue to do so, to some degree, but these paintings I offer for sale now will probably be among the last of this genre. 

Tobacco Barn Manger Scene
original pastel on paper, small,
approx. 9 x14 unmatted, unframed
$99 includes shipping

I sketched many similar images as large drawings for churches in Eastern NC, as I spoke about the irony of the manger, and making it a bit more obvious by placing Baby Jesus in an old tobacco barn like those found all over eastern NC. So many of the old barns are broken down shacks, empty or just used for junk. Keep that in mind for next Christmas.

Joseph's Dream
oil on canvas, 8x10
framed with a thin white wood frame $199 includes shipping

Joseph doesn't get enough attention. This hard working guy is usually portrayed as an upright fellow, who was distressed over the situation he found himself betrothed to a pregnant woman, but somehow Joseph came around and he did the unexpected and rose above the normal response.

Joseph's love for Mary, his concern for her is missed by us and instead what's told gets us a little off center, as if the decision is only coming from an angelic vision (as in the painting above). Similarly, as in the anunciation story to Mary, these two people got to make the final, very important decision.

If you think Mary and Joseph were only agreeing from fear or under command, then I think you might want to reread and reconsider a few things that are hinted at in the narrative. The story of God's incarnation depends on frail human conspirators. It still does! 

Abraham's Tree
oil on canvas 8x10
framed with a thin white wood frame $149 includes shipping

This was another fun piece to create, part of the 2013 Advent Calendar, and a nod to the artist Henry Ossawa Tanner (from Pittsburgh). It's from a story out of Genesis 18 that is very intriguing to me. There we find YHWH visiting Abram and Sarah, like a stranger or as an incognito sojourner, --what a fascinating image. 

This part of the story preceeds the Sodom destruction, which has more to do with the Sodomites' lack of hospitality. That subject of hospitality was of great interest to our ancestors, as we find a test of sorts presented by gods appearing in common peasant garb in many myths (see Ovid's Metamorphoses and the story of Philemon and Baucis). This painting is part of the bible story that includes the promise to the old couple that they will have a child--the very thing that made Sarah laugh!

Check out my Commission Page for a look at a large painting I made for a church in NC.  
Maybe we can do something like that for where you worship or even for where you work.

The Mount of the Holy Cross
an original pastel by Jack Anglin

This pastel painting of The Mount of the Holy Cross, is of a formerly prominent geologic feature that is found in the northern Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and was well known to our recent ancestors, predominately through the photographs by William Henry Jackson (circa 1873)  and through several paintings by the great American landscape artist, Thomas Moran. This pastel relies on Jackson's old black and white photo, as did Moran's paintings.

A century ago, whenever the spring snow-melt came it revealed the shape of a cross in distinctive crevasses still bearing ice and snow. This 'cross' as seen on this rugged mountain, 'The Mount of The Holy Cross', then became a symbol of American Manifest Destiny as the young country expanded west, and the mountain cross became part of the lore of the mysterious western wilderness. This area was once a part of the National Park Service, but was closed due to lack of interest and more likely since there's no easy way to view it other than a long hike. Recent landslides have dramatically changed the shape of the cross and further ruined its appeal. But we can only imagine how this dramatic view inspired Christian settlers and adversely affected many indigenous peoples.

Included in the sky over the mountain is a bright ethereal image of heaven, similar to something I recalled from a painting by Thomas Cole, entitled The Voyage of Life / Youth, one of four paintings in a set at the national Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

This painting was made for my 2013 Advent calendar, on the first day of Advent, kicking off my project of presenting a new painting every day of Advent. It hung in my office and home for quite some time and has always been one of my favorites. I have two other earlier, smaller versions in pastel, one in pink and orange tones and one that's more blue/violet.

This pastel is framed and about 12x18 inches, matted, and framed to about 18x24 with a gold metal frame and will require glass if shipped.

Click below to purchase on PayPal. If you prefer to pay with a check, please give me a call ASAP to reserve this painting.

  $399 including shipping

The Mount of the Holy Cross /Violet

original pastel by Jack Anglin

See my description above. This pastel painting is NOT framed and about 13x9 inches, it will be matted for transport and require framing under glass.

Click below to purchase on PayPal. If you prefer to pay with a check, please give me a call ASAP to reserve this painting.

 $249 including shipping

The Shipwreck of Saint Paul
an original oil painting by Jack Anglin

Here's a small oil painting on a prepared wood panel of the shipwreck of the Apostle Paul, on the island of Malta in Crete. The story is recounted in The Book of Acts, chapters 27 and 28, as part of the story of Paul's final voyage to Rome, to Caesar, and ultimately to his death.

The grounded ship depicted here was a large one, and that's something we don't seem to catch or realize, that these ancient vessels were fair sized freighters of sorts, carrying grain, spices, and all sorts of cargo. This ship had 276 passengers and crew on board, as the scripture reports. That's a pretty big ship!

After almost 2 weeks of trouble at sea, and things looking as though all would be lost, after unburdening the ship of its cargo, and even throwing overboard tackle and food, the sailors cut loose their anchors and finally ran the ship aground and all were saved! All were safe as Paul had predicted, having received a vision of an angel declaring that no one would be lost, all were safely on land! 

You may recall that once they made the beach on Malta, when gathering wood for a fire, the refugees witnessed that Paul was stricken by a poisonous viper. He shook the snake off into the fire and survived the bite without any trouble, a great sign to those shipwrecked with him that this was indeed a man of God. Otherwise, it would have seemed a form of divine retribution that if the sea and storms didn't kill Paul, the snake certainly would.

This painting has always been a favorite little work of mine and one that I think has interesting maritime and religious significance. 

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   $349  including shipping, unframed.

Mary, Great with Child
original acrylic painting by Jack Anglin, from 1987

I love this nocturne of Mary in the manger/stable, imagining her resting just before going into labor. Its a wonderful image that illustrates the messiah is not for the fat cats, but comes to all people, starting out in life in a manger, not a fancy palace.

Protestants don't pay much attention to Mary, perhaps fearful of how other Christian traditions elevate her, but we can miss so much of value in this story, coming from the feminine, coming from Mary. As I mentioned in the comment on Joseph to the left, the incarnation depends on fragile human conspirators.

I've come to realize the power of the incarnation partly resides in the possibility of Mary refusing to go along with the plan. Has that ever crossed your mind? But she says YES! We get to choose, too. We can say yes, or no!

This painting is UNframed and about 30x24 inches.

Click below to purchase on PayPal. If you prefer to pay with a check, please give me a call ASAP to reserve this painting.

 $399 including shipping